Independent Oil Analysis

For the Engineering and Energy markets

Transformer Oil Analysis

Mitigate potential risk to your HV / LV assets

Many insurance companies require transformers and other electrical plant to be regularly tested to mitigate any potential risk to electrical assets or the running of your business.

Regular testing can help identify incipient faults and plan maintenance activities to maximise the lifespan of the asset. Routine analysis of insulating oil / fluids for parameters such as DGA, Water, Acid, Furans, BDV, Colour and Appearance can provide valuable information in relation to not only the health of the asset but also the condition of the insulating fluid itself.

Lubricating Oil Analysis

Reduce component wear in rotating and moving plant equipment

Maintaining your rotating or moving plant items is critical to the operation of your plant and business. Managing your assets on site and having pre-defined maintenance schedules allows you to plan work and outages at a time convenient to you and your business, as well as minimising disruption to your production schedule which could be costly.

We can work with you to develop a sampling plan or strategy to check your lubricating oil to determine component wear, contamination or additive depletion, oil cleanliness and general oil condition to ensure optimal performance of your plant equipment.

Hydraulic Oil Analysis

Reduce component wear in Industrial and Mobile machinery

Maintaining your hydraulic systems in your Industrial and Mobile machinery is crucial to the efficient operation of the asset. We can work with you to develop a sampling plan or strategy to check your hydraulic oil is an acceptable condition to ensure reliability of the plant. Regular monitoring is essential to reduce the risk of potential catastrophic failures.

Our Process

Although our end-to-end process consists mainly of analysis and reporting of the clients own oil samples, at ChemTX we can provide advice on sampling techniques to ensure the client submits a representative sample to our lab for analysis.

Samples are tested using our inhouse methods which are based on current British and International standards and once lab results have been checked and interpreted, a final report is produced and sent to the client.

Our depth of staff knowledge and experience enables us to discuss the significance of the results with the client, meaning that we are not just a lab who generate numbers.

How can we help?

At ChemTX we are focused on delivering an industry leading service to add value to your business.

This means giving our clients access to the full range of analytical testing to support asset management requirements. We can provide a personal contact who manages the process end to end, turnaround times to suit maintenance programmes and competitive pricing to keep your analysis costs within budget.

If you are on a tight deadline, we can offer “Drop Off”, “Pick Up” and “Out of Hours” services. With our highly qualified staff you can be guaranteed that we provide reliability and results you can trust.